Detox Diet Myths and Facts

Six Detox Myths and Facts | Detox Diet

Six Detox Myths and Facts | Detox Diet

In our society today, a lot of women desire losing their weight. Some are even so frustrated that they become very desperate to make this happen. These are the types of people who would risk anything just to get what they want.

One of the most appealing ways to get on a diet that people say would make you lose your weight is detoxifying or juice cleanses. A lot of health gurus have made each of their own claims about this and thus made a lot of women get so tempted or attracted to trying it. You may even be one of them! Before you even start getting on this, first you need to learn the myths and facts underlying this whole idea.

What Really is Detox Diet?

Detox is the short word for detoxification. This is an idea that is based on weight loss plans of drinking liquids that supposedly flush out some unwanted chemicals from your body. A lot of people claim that it has been very effective for them but we can never know the truth until we dig deeper into the roots of the whole thought.

Detoxification in its Effective Stage

We can’t easily judge people when they have tried something before and find out that it works for them. Beyonce made this detoxifying “formula” so to speak which includes lemon juice with cayenne pepper and maple syrup. This caused her to drop 20 pounds so easily as it was her goal for her role in Dreamgirls. Sure that means that it worked for her but was it all that she did? Probably not! It doesn’t happen like magic and independently from other things. There should be cooperation on your part through exercise routines and avoiding food that your body doesn’t need in order to stay healthy.

Detoxification in its Ineffective Stage

Ineffective Ways to Lose Weight

Ineffective Ways to Lose Weight

As previously mentioned above, detoxification worked for Beyonce in the beginning but later on it just made her regain the weight she lost. Since then she’s warned a lot of people especially those who are on a diet to stay away from this because of what she had experienced. In this matter, we can tell that it does not work in the long run. Another fact that would make detoxification a less than something of a solution is that our body are responsible enough to keep these toxins off. We don’t really need something like detoxification to let this process of elimination happen. Just think of our kidneys, liver and colon – these are designed to do that.

Despite the fact that detoxification may or may not be a big of a help, there are no studies that really tell you to not ever do this. But you have to remember that this should not be a major thing in your diet plan because it’s only a waste of time if you make it.

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5 Tips to Lessen Frustrations with a Tax Audit

5 Tax Audit Tips Every Business Owner

Every business owner’s nightmare is receiving an IRS tax audit. Everything feels like a bad cop movie when the auditor starts questioning you and thinks twice on every word you say. As if the interrogation was not enough, you’re insulted about bad business practices and your bank accounts are being ransacked.

Tax audits can be less traumatic and handled if you know what to do and you to respond correctly to the IRS. Here are 5 tips to help you survive your tax audit:

  1. Hire an attorney for legal backup

Attorneys are great for handling audits especially when you’ve gone emotionally overboard dealing with it yourself. Any person with a legal background, like an attorney, should be of great help when you’re faced against a strong opponent like the IRS. Hire a well-known attorney who has handled similar cases.

  1. Act cool and be straight to the point

Sometimes when you’ve explained too much, and we mean a good 5 minutes of explaining when the question could just have been answered with a yes or no, the IRS might pick up something that could upscale the audit into an investigation. When the auditors ask you, answer them with a yes or a no. No more no less.

  1. Provide what the IRS only needs

On most cases, tax audits are easily fixed. They need legal papers, if you have it, give it, and it’s done. If you don’t, don’t go jumping on another boat to stray away from the issue. This will only complicate the issue and the auditor might order for a full investigation should he find you incoherent. Something simple as a missing document or a miscalculation can be remedied and the tax audit is done.

  1. Never think the IRS is always right

Since the IRS is a government agency, it’s expected to be perfect. But sometimes, the IRS makes mistakes too. No one is perfect, not even the auditors they send out to handle your tax audit. Miscalculations, lost a document, less experience – these could all be reasons for the auditor’s mistake.

Remember to always have legal support from an attorney. They are your only ally in times of tax audits that go awry.

  1. Deny IRS’ extension requests

Common practices that IRS has are extending tax audits. While the forms that come with the request are almost too strong to be denied – they actually are declinable. Because there are a lot of cases that the IRS handles, they will need more time to look into your case.

Seek the advice of your attorney when declining extension requests so you can worry less and pay attention to your business more.

Any tax audit can go smooth as a walk on the park when you’re equipped with the necessary documents and the right people to help you survive the case. Attorneys can mean money – but they handle tax audits very well for struggling business owners most of the time.

How to avoid triggering an audit

How to avoid triggering an audit

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5 Additional Aspects Investors Must Have Aside from Money

It is true that investors have the money to make someone else’s business grow especially if funding is the problem. It is not limited to money, though. Attached with the financial aspect are five more. They go hand in hand to make the investor worth it. Often, the investors are the ones scrutinizing what the idea makers or business owners are worth investing on. Rarely does it happen the other way around. Money may be a powerful tool but it should not be considered alone. Without the aspects below, problems can be more than the money that has been put in.

The commitment to help the company they are investing on

Oftentimes, investors get excited with an idea that he/she is willing to put money into it. He/she gets to be part of the brainstorming especially if there are experiences he/she can draw from, personally. As the business grow, though, and other things have come up that shifts his/her time to another idea, the former gets left out sooner or later. The commitment to help means making the new company successful. The investor will put in more money if needed. If the investor has met the ceiling, he/she will find ways to tap other sources of funding. If there is no commitment, bailing out is easy. What will happen to the newly budding company?

The integrity to be true to his/her word

Crowdfund Investing Could Revolution

Crowdfund Investing Could Revolution

Integrity is very important as anyone’s character trait. It is more so important when someone has to depend on what a person has said. Not having enough money is no reason for any investor to lack on integrity. It is developed, hence, if you are looking for an investor; find someone who has integrity and you will have no reason to doubt what he/she promised.

The courage to keep distance

Too many cooks spoil the broth as too many implementors spoil the business. If you are the investor, have the courage to keep distance when it comes to running the business. You may suggest or say what you think but the decision is on the hands of the person who thought of the idea, often the business owner. The reason he/she has asked for your help financially is for the lack of money. The plan is already done. It is all figured out even before approaching you for funding.

The humility to admit ignorance and bond with the person he/she invested on

Different people know different things. What one knows may not be known by another despite the fame, riches or power. If you are the investor and you do not know anything about something that you are investing on except that you got convinced that it is bound to turn into something great with your money, do not be afraid to admit that you know nothing about it. Not knowing about something is one thing. Admitting that you do not know, is another, and earns you respect. Even a dumb person, with a great heart, earns respect. Be humble also to mingle with the person you invested your money on. Have a light beer and relax after a hard day’s work. Without humility, pride will bring you down.

The network to introduce your company to

The Real Secret to Successful Network

The Real Secret to Successful Network

The more money one has, the more the network grows. The more people would want to cling to the rich person. If you are the business owner, you have to look for the investor who is willing to showcase or introduce what you have to offer, to them. It will be an avenue for more leads, sales and more referrals that are integral to any business structure.


Finding for an investor is not just finding who is willing to lend you money. You also have to consider 5 other aspects that will lead you to the perfect investor.

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