When to Invest in A Cheater Love Nest

“Think before you invest”

There comes a time in every man’s cheating life when you need somewhere to go other than her place. Whether you met her on a popular married dating site or by chance at a bar, if you become addicted enough to the hot sex with your lady on the side, sometimes investments are in order. We’re not talking about the emotional variety, but rather the type that you have a key to. Whether you rent or purchase a cheater love nest is up to you, your bank account, and whether you share a joint one with your wife.

Sometimes, though, women are worth it. When a woman is continuously hooking up with you and you go back to her place every time, that probably means she’s not a gold digger. Popular culture brands all women as gold diggers, but generally, that’s not true. For example, if a woman turns a man down, there’s a good chance that she did it for reasons other than a low ATM receipt, according to AskMen.com. Keeping that in mind, the decision to invest in a love nest should be completely up to you with no pressure. Here are some pointers to help you out.

When You Have an Excuse

“Just make sure your excuses sound convincing”

You might be wondering when a good time to commit to a love nest is, and the answer is when you have an excuse. An excuse means anything that you can come up with to tell your wife that will actually sound legitimate. Be careful, though. If you meet a woman off a popular married dating site and you want to spend more time with her, you might be looking for a quick fix. Don’t give in. Wait for an opportunity when you can really sell your wife on your investment in extra property. Keeping your love nest out in the open is what makes it a truly powerful perk, because unless you give your wife any other reason to suspect you of cheating, she won’t have any idea.

Coming up with a good reason to invest in property aren’t hard. You can attribute it to a relative, reduced real estate prices, or even an independent office. The sky’s the limit when it comes to excuses. Just make sure they sound convincing, and you’ll be off to a running start. Be careful who you bring back to your cheater love nest, however, because not every woman should accompany you there.

How to Keep It Secret

“Hide your important documents before inviting her to your place”

The best way to keep your love nest secret is to only allow women who know who to remain discreet inside. For example, you’d never want to take a woman you met off a sketchy cheater dating site like Flirt.com to your extra residence on the side. You have a trust a woman completely if you’re going to invite her back to your sex palace, because otherwise she could blackmail you. Always be careful when you’re meeting ladies online. Although it can be massively convenient and yield some gorgeous, high quality women, you also have to wait to get to know people before bringing them anywhere personal.

Another pointer for keeping your new side residence a secret is to hide all the paperwork in a safe at the bank. Don’t have any documentation lying around your home for your wife or family to find. It will set off a firestorm that will only get worse as more is found out, so keep it to yourself.

It’s tempting to use the address for practical purposes, too, in a pinch. Sometimes we use our work address for personal reasons. Whether it’s a package that can’t be delivered after work hours or an item you want to receive as soon as possible, it’s frequent that we exploit the convenience of having multiple addresses. However, never do this with you cheater love nest. This is a surefire way to tip people off to what you’re up to.

What to Stock

Assuming everything goes according to plan, once you’ve set up your love nest, you need to decide what to stock it with. A favorite interest to name on most popular married dating sites for women is a love of fine wine or liquor. It’s a safe, classy interest that speaks to a person’s refined tastes, and summons a certain brand of respect for the person claiming to enjoy it.

Therefore, it’s only logical you stock some fine wines in your love nest. Make sure you know what you’re doing, because women that list wine tasting as a hobby might actually be telling the truth. If you have a bar in your new property, make use of it. There’s nothing sexier for a woman than going out to the club all dressed up, only to have a man sweep her off her feet at the end of the night and hand deliver a nightcap in a martini glass. Think Rat Pack for this one, because she’ll love it.

Don’t forget, however, that some women don’t drink. This can be an excellent attribute, because you definitely don’t want to date a woman who drinks too much. Sometimes you’ll meet those types on sites like Flirt.com where many of the women are sloppy and have no class. Go ahead and stock some nonalcoholic beverages as well, just to be prepared. You should avoid a cheater dating site like this. Click here: marrieddatingtactics.co.uk/reviews/flirt/ to learn more about this discreet affair site and find out if it is worth it or not.

How to Furnish

“Have a classy looking place for hooking up”

The best way to furnish a love nest is cheaply. It sounds depressing, but it’s totally possible to have a classy looking flat for hooking up and put some furnishings in that are cheap yet chic. The number one source for cheap but classy-looking furniture is the Internet. In this day and age, you have no excuse not to look classy, since eCommerce is based on cheap goods for the discerning eye. We live in an age where a consumer can see a price in a store, bring up any competitors on their smartphone, and then go elsewhere. The same goes for furniture. You don’t have to spend a fortune on your love nest. Just pick a few pieces that are functional, such as a settee, and you’ll be good to go.

The Cheater’s Oath

It’s time for the cheater’s oath, and that is, “thou shalt never give thy key away to the love nest.” We mean that wholeheartedly. Unless you want to re-marry, never give a woman your key to anything, not even the laundry room. It only spells disaster. Keys are like promises of more to come, and that’s the last thing you want.

The entire point of a cheater love nest is that it’s meant to be a revolving door for various hookups, not a home. Don’t let your hookup you’re seeing on the side get too attached and start treating your love nest like it’s your home. Protect the key to your cheater love nest like you would your personal life. In fact, any woman that would actually accept a key is not to be trusted, since she obviously isn’t involved in the affair for the same reasons that you are. Keep it clean, and keep the key to yourself. Bring women back to your love nest sparingly, and only in situations where it’s completely needed. Use your extra real estate investment as a Plan B, rather than the default location to end a night.

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How to Impress Her When Money isn’t Working

In spite of the endless string of romantic comedies, romance novels, and speeches on the subject, many people still believe that the best way to impress women is to lavish them with expensive things. While we can understand some fall back to this, it really should not be your go to response for impressing someone. For one thing, that can get out of control very quickly and gibing someone that you have more money than you do is a very bad idea likely to ruin any relationship you managed to forge in the first place. More importantly though is that sometimes it just is not going to work. In fact, it can be a very quick way to turn her off of ever considering you in the first place. To impress a woman online, you don’t need to show off money. To meet women online, check the top sites reviewed by us and read the reviews of online dating sites. They will clearly tell you that if you score a woman by showing off money, it is likely that she is a scammer.

Understand Why She is Turned Off

"She doesn't care about your money"

“She doesn’t care about your money” 

Unlike dating website reviews that can give you all the information you need on any potential site out there, it can be really difficult to gauge exactly how someone is going to take any given gesture. We aren’t saying that means you should completely give up trying. We do suggest keeping your gestures away from the overly grandiose, however. At least in the beginning it’s good to wait until you know them better to understand what they find amusing, arousing, or just plain silly. The thing is, women who don’t react well to flashy shows of money typically see it as a very vain gesture. Moreover, they think the person making it is not interested in them or understanding who they are. They think anyone starting out with a show of money is trying to generically impress women instead of specifically impressing them.

If we lost you in that explanation, really pay attention to this part. The thing is, relying on advice that talk about what women like is implicitly treating all women as the same person regardless of their personal likes, dislikes, background, beliefs or anything else. That is why while some may be flattered by an expensive present, many others think you are more interested in getting a prize for your effort than actually dating an equal. This is especially true in this day and age when they are told from day one that they do not need to rely on a man’s wealth and status to do well for themselves. Just as media tells us that the guy with the money does not always get the woman, so too have women been absorbing this most of their lives. They have been told that while a wealthy or upwardly mobile man is good, it is not the same as a good man. He probably won’t make them laugh. He is not interested in them just because of who they are.

"Money is not going to do the trick here"

“Money is not going to do the trick here” 

In short, someone who shows their affection through money is not to be trusted. It comes off as more impersonal than anything else. That opens up two direct ways of approaching this. If you want to stand out, having a little extra cash to throw around is still a good place to start, but it either needs to not factor in what sort of presents you give, or it needs to be given a personal touch. If you can manage that, the amount of time you need to devote to dating website reviews will be added instead to time spent with someone you actually want to be around. The devil is in the details, of course, so let’s consider both approaches to fixing this situation.

Personalize the Gifts

"She would love a personalized gift"

“She would love a personalized gift” 

Since the primary issue with using wealth to impress is that it comes off vain and impersonal, the best way to counter this is to personalize the presents as much as possible. Fortunately, this should be pretty easy for someone with the money to spare on elaborate and expensive gifts in the first place. All it requires is paying more attention to her and less attention to how to impress women. So if she likes to go to the theatre, do not settle for the most expensive show in London; instead, find out what shows she really wants to see and get her the best seats you can. Both ways, you have shown you are willing to invest in her, but the latter makes it more about knowing her and what she likes and wanting her to really enjoy the gift than it is just trying to impress her with your ability to get the tickets. The first is still all about you and what you can do. The latter has shifted the same intent to something that focuses on her and what she wants and enjoys.

Another good thing to remember about gift giving, especially when it comes to the more expensive items, is that this is the moment when you can really demonstrate how closely you paid attention to her. Despite what we have already said here, gift given will always have the quality of showing off, just like dating website reviews will always have a bias of some kind. It is a way of proving that you are worth her while because you know her better than someone else and are willing to go the extra mile. The key here is making sure you are impressing her and not other people who may witness the event or its results. Do not get her something just because it is popular. Get her something that she wants. Do not get her something flashy because people will ask her about it and you want her to be reminded of you. Get her something well-crafted and subtle and detailed. She will rememberyou more fondly for the effort behind the gift than the fact that it catches everyone’s eye.

Try to do Something that Does not Depend on Your Money

"Connect to her emotionally - listen to her favorite music"

“Connect to her emotionally – listen to her favorite music” 

If she does not respond to personalizing something expensive, the best thing you can do is to give up incorporating money as much as possible. Obviously, not many things are going to be possible completely void of currency, so do to not go out of your way to completely eliminate it from the present altogether. We do, however, suggest you make the primary drive of your gift something that involves you, your time, and your attention. This is particularly useful in relationships that have been going on for a while, but in which she is growing increasingly irritated and distant. This is a sure sign that she does not think she is as important to you as she thought she was in the beginning of the relationship. That cannot be fixed with money. In fact, it is usually a sign that you have been trying to make up for something with your gifts already. Just personalizing things more won’t solve anything here. The most you should be considering putting your money into is either some kind of private vacation or at least getting someone to cover your other responsibilities that have been keeping you away from her in the first place. Plan romantic dinners around her, or whisk her off on a romantic retreat where you focus entirely on spending time with her. Heck, log on to her favorite game and spending a few hours doing nothing but playing with her.

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Digital Paper by Sony – Paper Reinvented

Sony A4-sized digital paper notepad

Sony A4-sized digital paper notepad

Sony is a very popular company when it comes to creating high-quality and top-notch products. Since they introduced the Walkman, Sony has never wavered in producing functional appliances that make the lives of people easier. It is important to note though that even if Sony is a major player in gadgets and devices, it has not really attempted to join the smartphone and tablet foray. Aside from the Experia line of products, there are no notable portable devices launched by Sony. Not until now. Sony has just reinvented paper.

What is Digital Paper by Sony?

The Digital Paper is a device being developed by Sony to help eliminate the use of papers in educational institutions. This is said to be Sony’s initial step to finally develop a workable tablet. The device features a 13.3 inch flexible screen where anyone can jot down notes and read books. It looks similar with an A4 sized paper, only it is a digital version. Sony’s environmental awareness product is aimed at decreasing the use of paper in the society particularly in educational and business institutions.

What does the Digital Paper offer to the public?

Technically, you cannot call the Digital Paper a tablet. It is more of a useful device where you can write notes and read books. You can also share information via Wi-Fi. Unlike the tablet which has a colored display, this product only has a black and white display similar to those of popular e-readers. The device also has the biggest flexible display in the world, making the device ultra-portable as you can simply roll it up when you want to travel. It is a very efficient device to help increase learning among students.

The specifications of the Digital Paper

Sony has not yet issued in full what the product is capable of. What it has reported though is that the device is the first in the world to use high precision thin films transistor on its display. It boasts a 1200 by 1600 pixel on its display and just weighs roughly 358 grams. It is very thin and very portable. It supports PDF and other file extensions. It has also the capacity to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi. It has an initial 4GB memory and this can be expanded with the use of micro SD card.

Sony Digital Paper: hands-on da SID

Sony Digital Paper: hands-on da SID

As a prototype, the Digital Paper has already exceeded expectations. This is truly a magnificent device that can make learning easy. It is also very environment friendly as it has the potential to decrease the use of paper around the world. This is a new revolutionary product that everyone is waiting to own. And when it comes to the market, it will surely become a big hit.

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5 Tips for Seniors Who Are Actively Dating Online


Dating is not only for young adults. It is also for older people who are young at heart. There is no such thing as “too old” or “too young” when it comes to dating. However, older people might have a small disadvantage because of their age. Then again, any senior can still find the perfect match online. Here are 5 tips that can help seniors be more successful in online dating.

1. Looking good never gets old

No matter what generation you belong, it is always a given that you have to look good if you are into dating especially online dating. When taking your profile picture, make sure that you look fabulous in it. This is important because it helps attract potential date partners.

2. It’s the present and not the past

When dating, it is important for seniors to understand that what is important for their date is their present life and not their past. Avoid retelling stories of the past in your profile. Though it might be important for you, you have to focus more on the present and why you are interested in dating again. After all, dating is about having fun and not about reminiscing the past. You’re date won’t be that interested in your past.

3. Prioritize yourself when dating online

Online Dating Profile Tips for Women

Online Dating Profile Tips for Women

You can find rude people in online dating sites. They tend to disrespect you and make you uncomfortable. Though you need to understand their opinions, you should also respect yourself. If you ever come across these people, it is best to remove them from your list and block them if possible.

4. Always be honest

No matter who you are, it is best that you are honest when it comes to dating online. Give out facts and do not make other people believe you are someone you are not. Post your latest pictures. Make other seniors know what your interests are by including it in your profile.

5. Online dating is not for everyone

Though you might hear successful stories from other seniors who tried online dating, you should take note that you might have different results. Online dating doesn’t work for everyone. Don’t get too comfortable with people you meet online and don’t give out sensitive information. Also, when you agree to meet somewhere, it is best that you bring along someone with you. Your main concern is still your safety.

5 Things To Know Before Dating

5 Things To Know Before Dating

Dating is for everyone. Young adults and seniors citizens who are longing to go out and have fun can certainly go with online dating. There are many online dating sites available. There are also sites that are exclusively for senior citizens. This just shows that it is never too late for anyone to try online dating.

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Detox Diet Myths and Facts

Six Detox Myths and Facts | Detox Diet

Six Detox Myths and Facts | Detox Diet

In our society today, a lot of women desire losing their weight. Some are even so frustrated that they become very desperate to make this happen. These are the types of people who would risk anything just to get what they want.

One of the most appealing ways to get on a diet that people say would make you lose your weight is detoxifying or juice cleanses. A lot of health gurus have made each of their own claims about this and thus made a lot of women get so tempted or attracted to trying it. You may even be one of them! Before you even start getting on this, first you need to learn the myths and facts underlying this whole idea.

What Really is Detox Diet?

Detox is the short word for detoxification. This is an idea that is based on weight loss plans of drinking liquids that supposedly flush out some unwanted chemicals from your body. A lot of people claim that it has been very effective for them but we can never know the truth until we dig deeper into the roots of the whole thought.

Detoxification in its Effective Stage

We can’t easily judge people when they have tried something before and find out that it works for them. Beyonce made this detoxifying “formula” so to speak which includes lemon juice with cayenne pepper and maple syrup. This caused her to drop 20 pounds so easily as it was her goal for her role in Dreamgirls. Sure that means that it worked for her but was it all that she did? Probably not! It doesn’t happen like magic and independently from other things. There should be cooperation on your part through exercise routines and avoiding food that your body doesn’t need in order to stay healthy.

Detoxification in its Ineffective Stage

Ineffective Ways to Lose Weight

Ineffective Ways to Lose Weight

As previously mentioned above, detoxification worked for Beyonce in the beginning but later on it just made her regain the weight she lost. Since then she’s warned a lot of people especially those who are on a diet to stay away from this because of what she had experienced. In this matter, we can tell that it does not work in the long run. Another fact that would make detoxification a less than something of a solution is that our body are responsible enough to keep these toxins off. We don’t really need something like detoxification to let this process of elimination happen. Just think of our kidneys, liver and colon – these are designed to do that.

Despite the fact that detoxification may or may not be a big of a help, there are no studies that really tell you to not ever do this. But you have to remember that this should not be a major thing in your diet plan because it’s only a waste of time if you make it.

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5 Tips to Lessen Frustrations with a Tax Audit

5 Tax Audit Tips Every Business Owner

Every business owner’s nightmare is receiving an IRS tax audit. Everything feels like a bad cop movie when the auditor starts questioning you and thinks twice on every word you say. As if the interrogation was not enough, you’re insulted about bad business practices and your bank accounts are being ransacked.

Tax audits can be less traumatic and handled if you know what to do and you to respond correctly to the IRS. Here are 5 tips to help you survive your tax audit:

  1. Hire an attorney for legal backup

Attorneys are great for handling audits especially when you’ve gone emotionally overboard dealing with it yourself. Any person with a legal background, like an attorney, should be of great help when you’re faced against a strong opponent like the IRS. Hire a well-known attorney who has handled similar cases.

  1. Act cool and be straight to the point

Sometimes when you’ve explained too much, and we mean a good 5 minutes of explaining when the question could just have been answered with a yes or no, the IRS might pick up something that could upscale the audit into an investigation. When the auditors ask you, answer them with a yes or a no. No more no less.

  1. Provide what the IRS only needs

On most cases, tax audits are easily fixed. They need legal papers, if you have it, give it, and it’s done. If you don’t, don’t go jumping on another boat to stray away from the issue. This will only complicate the issue and the auditor might order for a full investigation should he find you incoherent. Something simple as a missing document or a miscalculation can be remedied and the tax audit is done.

  1. Never think the IRS is always right

Since the IRS is a government agency, it’s expected to be perfect. But sometimes, the IRS makes mistakes too. No one is perfect, not even the auditors they send out to handle your tax audit. Miscalculations, lost a document, less experience – these could all be reasons for the auditor’s mistake.

Remember to always have legal support from an attorney. They are your only ally in times of tax audits that go awry.

  1. Deny IRS’ extension requests

Common practices that IRS has are extending tax audits. While the forms that come with the request are almost too strong to be denied – they actually are declinable. Because there are a lot of cases that the IRS handles, they will need more time to look into your case.

Seek the advice of your attorney when declining extension requests so you can worry less and pay attention to your business more.

Any tax audit can go smooth as a walk on the park when you’re equipped with the necessary documents and the right people to help you survive the case. Attorneys can mean money – but they handle tax audits very well for struggling business owners most of the time.

How to avoid triggering an audit

How to avoid triggering an audit

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5 Additional Aspects Investors Must Have Aside from Money

It is true that investors have the money to make someone else’s business grow especially if funding is the problem. It is not limited to money, though. Attached with the financial aspect are five more. They go hand in hand to make the investor worth it. Often, the investors are the ones scrutinizing what the idea makers or business owners are worth investing on. Rarely does it happen the other way around. Money may be a powerful tool but it should not be considered alone. Without the aspects below, problems can be more than the money that has been put in.

The commitment to help the company they are investing on

Oftentimes, investors get excited with an idea that he/she is willing to put money into it. He/she gets to be part of the brainstorming especially if there are experiences he/she can draw from, personally. As the business grow, though, and other things have come up that shifts his/her time to another idea, the former gets left out sooner or later. The commitment to help means making the new company successful. The investor will put in more money if needed. If the investor has met the ceiling, he/she will find ways to tap other sources of funding. If there is no commitment, bailing out is easy. What will happen to the newly budding company?

The integrity to be true to his/her word

Crowdfund Investing Could Revolution

Crowdfund Investing Could Revolution

Integrity is very important as anyone’s character trait. It is more so important when someone has to depend on what a person has said. Not having enough money is no reason for any investor to lack on integrity. It is developed, hence, if you are looking for an investor; find someone who has integrity and you will have no reason to doubt what he/she promised.

The courage to keep distance

Too many cooks spoil the broth as too many implementors spoil the business. If you are the investor, have the courage to keep distance when it comes to running the business. You may suggest or say what you think but the decision is on the hands of the person who thought of the idea, often the business owner. The reason he/she has asked for your help financially is for the lack of money. The plan is already done. It is all figured out even before approaching you for funding.

The humility to admit ignorance and bond with the person he/she invested on

Different people know different things. What one knows may not be known by another despite the fame, riches or power. If you are the investor and you do not know anything about something that you are investing on except that you got convinced that it is bound to turn into something great with your money, do not be afraid to admit that you know nothing about it. Not knowing about something is one thing. Admitting that you do not know, is another, and earns you respect. Even a dumb person, with a great heart, earns respect. Be humble also to mingle with the person you invested your money on. Have a light beer and relax after a hard day’s work. Without humility, pride will bring you down.

The network to introduce your company to

The Real Secret to Successful Network

The Real Secret to Successful Network

The more money one has, the more the network grows. The more people would want to cling to the rich person. If you are the business owner, you have to look for the investor who is willing to showcase or introduce what you have to offer, to them. It will be an avenue for more leads, sales and more referrals that are integral to any business structure.


Finding for an investor is not just finding who is willing to lend you money. You also have to consider 5 other aspects that will lead you to the perfect investor.

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